About Commerce Nexus

“Commerce Nexus” is an initiative of the Commerce Department of Bharati College, University of Delhi to provide a common forum to encourage active interaction among teachers and students as well as their peer group. Through this, students can share their queries related to commerce subjects and get them resolved through the help of teachers as well as other students. This will make their continuous learning process effective and smooth. The faculty of the Department of Commerce at Bharati College as well as student coordinators will be primarily responsible for responding to the queries but/ since this link is open to all, valuable responses and suggestions are invited from all users to facilitate open discussion. The availability of multiple responses to a particular query always leads to better understanding. Links will also be provided to all notices and events related to Bharati college and its Commerce Department. Teachers can also use the ‘Student Notice Board’ to upload assignments as well as important notes for students. Teachers are provided with login facility to view various notices meant especially for them. Users can also use the ‘Fun Page’ to share links for quirky messages, pictures or videos and can share their ideas or opinions on common issues in an interesting manner. A link to the ‘Book Bank’ contains the list of books available with the faculty which can be made available to students, so as to widen their reading and references. This link will be continuously monitored and upgraded by the Department of Commerce at Bharati College.